Surveyors reckon BIM needs a cultural revolution

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February 17, 2014
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February 18, 2014

Surveyors reckon BIM needs a cultural revolution

The construction industry must go through ‘the biggest cultural shift in a generation’ if building information modelling (BIM) is to fully take off, surveys say.

Delegates at a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) conference last week were canvassed for their views on the use of BIM, which the government is aiming to use on all centrally procured public sector projects by 2016.

More than half (53%) of the 260 delegates, working in a variety of sectors, said culture change was one of the biggest issues they faced when using BIM on projects. In a similar survey a year before, less than a quarter (23%) identified the industry’s culture as a stumbling block.

RICS built environment director Alan Muse said: “These results demonstrate the need for the biggest cultural shift in a generation if firms are to adopt BIM in time for the government’s 2016 deadline. The fact that culture has risen up the agenda by such a significant degree reinforces our aim to highlight the benefits of BIM and support its adoption across the industry.

“Continued collaboration will remain critical if this change is to be realised. At RICS, we are dedicated to developing our relationships with other bodies and the industry in working towards a BIM enabled future.”

Another barrier to BIM uptake was seen as lack of demand from clients. 31% saw this as  an issue, although this was down from 46% the previous year, suggesting that the number of clients demanding BIM on projects is rising.


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